The curriculum at ASCA is designed to give our candidates all the skillsets necessary to fit a number of entry level positions within professional sports and entertainment. The bulk of our curriculum is focused on revenue generation as the majority of positions available to ASCA graduates will lie within season ticket sales, group ticket sales, sponsorship sales, and related roles. Our curriculum consists of the following modules:

Introduction to Sports – Candidates will be taught the expected work ethic, the accepted dress codes, the professional attitude that is required, and the general nuances to expect when working in a very demanding industry.

Resume, LinkedIn, & Networking – Here you will learn how to write an effective resume that speaks directly to the jobs you are pursuing.  Additionally we’ll instruct you to build a LinkedIn profile that articulates your brand and enables you to build the network needed to land interviews.

B2B (Selling to Businesses) – Learn the scripts and call flows needed to sell todays business community.  Understand how to properly qualify prospects and lead the sales process towards effective client facing meetings.

B2C (Selling to Fans) – Here we’ll focus on showing value in price and benefit to our prospects.  Breaking down for them what our packages entail from team to team and how they fill their needs better than purchasing tickets on the secondary market.

Group Sales – The most coveted role in sports ticketing by hiring managers.  We’ll make sure you understand the relational approach to selling here.  We’ll also instruct you in selling different fan experiences (assets) and the group categories geared towards success.

CRM – Expansive CRM programs and databases are the key to any successful business. The sports industry is no different. This course will train students to use Microsoft Dynamic CRM and Salesforce, manage your tasks/activities, and organize calls/leads.

Corporate Partnerships – The most seasoned sales role in sports.  We’ll train you in every aspect of the corporate sales process.  Learn how to prospect the right leads, prepare the right decks, audit the marketplace and much more.

Culture In Sports – Its vital to understand the culture of a department and organization prior to accepting employment.  We’ll share with you our understanding of different team cultures throughout team sports as well as what to keep an eye out for yourself in determining where you want to start your career.

Landing The Job – The focus here is on networking, resume writing, and interviewing.  ASCA candidates will be taught how to network effectively with industry executives and work to polish the final pieces to ultimately “land the job”.

ASCA’s program is virtual. Upon signing up for ASCA’s program you will receive 9 training modules in MP4 files via your email. Upon completion of the modules you can schedule exclusive one-on-one consultations with ASCA executives taking a deeper dive through the content for complete understanding. In addition ASCA executives will interview with you as you prep for the real thing making you the most prepared candidate possible. Click HERE to get started today!