The curriculum at ASCA is designed to give our students all the skillsets necessary to fit a number of entry level positions within professional sports and entertainment. The bulk of our curriculum is focused on revenue generation as the majority of positions available to ASCA graduates will lie within season ticket sales, group ticket sales, sponsorship sales, and related roles. Our curriculum consists of the following classes:

Introduction to Sports – Students will be taught the expected work ethic, the accepted dress codes, the professional attitude that is required, and the general nuances to expect when working in a very demanding industry.

Revenue Generation – This class will focus on the key revenue streams of all sports and entertainment organization, notably season and partial plan sales, group sales, customer retention, and corporate sponsorship/partnership sales.  Students will also learn the techniques necessary to service these accounts and assist in growing teams customer base through dedicated retention efforts.

Ticket Operations – The focus here will be on real world experience learning using Ticketmaster Archtics. Students will learn the skills necessary to build plans/events, create accounts, sell in inventory, and utilize the basic reporting and CRM functionality of TM Archtics.

Community Relations and Public Relations – Students will learn how community and public relations is used to grow brand awareness of a sports organization, especially newly formed ones or ones wanting to revamp their image by utilizing the media, public appearances, advertising, and community events.

CRM – Expansive CRM programs and databases are the key to any successful business. The sports industry is no different. This course will train students to use Microsoft Dynamic CRM and Salesforce, build call campaigns, and organize calls/leads.

Landing The Job – The focus here is on networking, resume writing, and interviewing.  ASCA students will be taught how to network effectively with industry executives and work to polish the final pieces to ultimately “land the job”.