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Frequently Asked Questions

How can ASCA help me kickoff my career in sports?

ASCA was designed specifically to provide each of its student with curriculum designed to accomplish one task, landing an ENTRY LEVEL position in professional sports and entertainment.

How does ASCA differ from the traditional sports marketing programs currently being offered at colleges and universities?

Our curriculum is designed specifically to prepare our students for the majority of entry level positions being offered on the business side of professional sports and entertainment. The 8 module program not only provides instruction from actual industry executives and sales trainers, you will gain valuable real world experience learning the ticketing and CRM programs most widely used in sports and develop your sales skills with access to real team ticketing inventory. Whereas most undergrad programs lead to jobs following completion of a degree, the majority of ASCA students find job opportunities during the class.

If I commit to the program at ASCA what guarantees am I given in terms of placement?

ASCA’s program is designed to give you the skill sets necessary to land an entry level position in professional sports and entertainment as well as access to a network to assist in the process. ASCA’s program does not offer guarantees in terms of placements.

What types of positions within sports and entertainment will be within reach upon completing the ASCA program?

ASCA’s program is ideally suited for students wishing to pursue jobs in Ticket Sales & Service, Corporate Sales and Activation, Ticket Operations, and CRM roles.

What are the costs for this program?

The costs associated with attending ASCA are in most cases significantly less than that of the traditional college and university programs. Please call 213-542-7800 for more information or submit the information request form by clicking HERE.

What education level is necessary to participate in this program?

At the minimum a high school diploma or equivalency is required for consideration to take ASCA’s course.

Are online classes available ?

Yes, our classes are offered through online modules. They are accompanied by live follow up consultation via the phone or Zoom.